Sun Yue, the second pure insider of the 2015 CBA Finals, received a urine test after the game_1


Sun Yue, the second pure insider of the 2015 CBA Finals, received a urine test after the game
Beijing time on March 12, the second game of the CBA finals between Beijing and Liaoning continued at home in Liaoning.Although the Beijing team scored a 26-14 single quarter score in the third quarter and led into the fourth quarter, but with the continuous breakthrough counterattack of Liaoning team Liu Zhixuan, Han Dejun and Guo Ailun in the fourth quarter, Hudson’s consecutive unreasonable hits,Scored 17 points in a single quarter.  Let’s review what you did not know about the second battle.Sun Yue received a urine test after the game.Before the game, it was reported that the Liaoning Ning Decentralized Team members before the start of the second game, some media reported that a player in the Liaoning Team was transferred to the second team for playing mobile phones during training. However, Guo Shiqiang and the Liaoning Team have since denied this.And rebuked it as fake news.It is understood that the situation at that time was that one player joked with another young player: when are you still playing on your mobile phone?It happened that this young player did not enter the 12-man roster and was misreported by the media.The reporter called Liaoning Ning has been closed from the beginning of the finals to the present, the Liaoning team has been using a closed training method, even if the basketball association stipulates that the last 15 minutes of pre-match training must be open to the media, this is not followed by the Liaoning team.The reporters mostly complained about the lack of content.Before the game, it was reported that Hudson successfully renewed the media before the game. The Liaoning team has already completed the renewal with the foreign aid Hudson and Thompson in advance, but this news has not been confirmed by the Liaoning team. The general manager Yan Xiaoming saidAt present, the two parties have only reached an intention to renew the contract.Marbury and Hudson’s pre-match spam training, when the Beijing team was at the end of the training, Marbury loudly encouraged his teammates to say: Let’s kill the Liaoning team tonight!It just happened that the Liaoning team also entered the stadium. Hudson was very angry when he heard this sentence, and began to talk rubbish with Marbury.Hudson said: If you have the ability, please don’t trap me, let’s fight one by one.Marbury replied: I am too lazy to care about you, do you know the ball?Since then, the two have been chattering about the game to see the victory and defeat.He Tianju responded frantically to question the first battle in the finals. He Tianju’s performance made many Liaoning fans and the media unhappy. Some people even said that He Tianju was the player with the lowest psychological quality of the Liaoning team.However, He Tianju broke out in the second leg of the finals. He scored 8 points in the opening to help the team make a perfect start. He scored 18 points in the game and responded with doubts with actual actions.Guo Ailun broke out in the last quarter. The Beijing team overtaken the score in the fourth quarter, but Guo Ailun broke out at the critical moment. He scored consecutive points from outside and outside. In the fourth quarter, he scored 15 points alone, helping the Liaoning team to lock the victory.After the game, Guo Ailun’s performance was also appreciated by Marbury.Liaoning at home again sounded the fourth quarter of the black whistle match, Sun Yue shot a three-pointer from the perimeter, the referee punished Hudson for a foul, Sun Yue broke three free throws to help the Beijing team overtake the score, this penalty also caused the dissatisfaction of Liaoning home fans, They started shouting black whistle in unison!And some fans named and abused the referee Ban Qi.Interestingly, when Liaoning fans scolded the black whistle, many Beijing fans also called the referee black whistle online.Water Angel vs Marbury At the end of the first quarter, Marbury wanted to return directly to the seat from the end of the bench, but the water angel at home in Liaoning, who helped the team manage the water and clothing, stood on the boxOn the side of the advertisement, the box scratched Marbury’s leg. The old horse was a little angry. She moved the box away and left the player channel. The team doctor of the Beijing team came over to remove the box, but the Northeast girl wilfully movedThe box moved back, and said: If you let me move, I move?The Beijing team found the Liaoning team in desperation to communicate, and the girl gave way to the player.When Ban Qi and Hudson smiled and celebrated with less than 2 minutes left, the Liaoning team had already led by more than 10 points and locked in the victory.Hudson hummed and walked to the midfield and said to the referee Ban Qi: It is over!(The game is over) Ban Qi patted Hudson and the two smiled at each other.The new MC shouted to break the sound. After the MC of the Liaoning team’s home court was banned by the Basketball Association for provoking players, the Liaoning team replaced the new MC.At the last moment of the game, the new MC of the Liaoning team cried out several times in a row: Yaodu team!We are waiting for you back in Benxi!Emotionally excited, his hoarse voice had finally shattered.Marbury refrained from talking about the spam after the game. Some reporters again asked Marbury about the spam with Hudson before the game, but Marbury did not want to answer, he said directly.There is a sentence: the next question.Sun Yue received a urine test after the game. After the second game, Sun Yue was drawn for a urine test. He scored 27 points in the first game of the finals, second (Langshen)