World Cup 32 announces slogan Netizens design slogan for the Chinese team


The World Cup 32 announces slogans. Netizens design slogans for the Chinese team.
The day before yesterday, May 15th, the World Cup 32 announced their slogans, looking forward to gradually inspire the team to create good results in Brazil.Although the World Cup has nothing to do with Chinese football, the unbearable Chinese fans are unwilling to be lonely. They assume that the Chinese team is the 33rd team in the World Cup. Combining the history and current status of Chinese football, they have designed the World Cup slogan for the Chinese team.  It’s like “Tie a game, score a goal, win a game”, “Participate first, play second, lose less and win”, “Go your own way and let others shoot”. These slogans are either ridicule or tolerance, There are famous sayings and jokes.Of course, some Chinese netizens have hacked a national football team. Their slogan is “The best World Cup is always the next one.” “No one is preparing for the 2018 World Cup earlier than we are.”