World Championship Selby 13-6 Xiao Guodong entered the quarter-finals Hawkins eliminated Dort_1_1


World Championships Selby 13-6 Xiao Guodong entered the quarter-finals Hawkins eliminated Dort
In the second round of the 2017 Snooker World Championship, Xiao Guodong challenged the defending champion Selby, losing three innings in the third stage, and eventually lost to the quarterfinals 6-13. Selby will face Robertson and Fu Jiajun in the quarter-finalsThe winner.Hawkins also defeated Dott 13-6 and advanced to the quarterfinals against Maguire.  Xiao Guodong defeated Ryan Dai 10-4 in the first round and entered the second round of the World Championships for the first time, challenging the world’s No. 1 defending champion Selby.In the first eight innings of the first stage, Xiao Guodong trailed 2-6.In the second stage, Xiao Guodong scored a stroke and broke a hundred, with Selby each winning four innings.After two stages of fighting, Xiao Guodong was still behind by 6-10.  In the 17th inning of the third stage, Selby started quickly and continued to play well. He scored 101 points in a stroke and won 11-6 with a zero seal.Selby scored 14 points in the 18th inning. Xiao Guodong made a mistake after getting 22 points.Selby still feels great, winning 73-single shots and winning 87-29.12-6 to get match points.In the 19th inning, Selby scored 28 points first. Xiao Guodong only scored a red ball and made a mistake.Selby went all out with one shot and ended the fight with 60 points. He defeated Xiao Guodong with a total score of 98-1 and won 13-1 with a score of 98-1. He successfully scored in the quarterfinals.In the quarter-finals, Selby will face the winners of Hong Kong, China’s famous Fu Jiajun and Robertson.  Hawkins played against Dort, and the first two stages also led 10-6.In the 17th inning of the third stage, Hawkins started several times, winning 68-14 and expanding his advantage 11-6.In the 18th inning, Dortmund made a defensive mistake. Hawkins scored a goal after scoring a long shot, scoring 98 points and 0 points, and 12-6 points.In the 19th inning, Hawkins started several times, clear the red ball to the green ball, and won 77-30 with a total score of 13-6 to eliminate Dort.In the quarter-finals, Hawkins will play against Maguire.Further reading: 2017 Snooker World Championship schedule: Ding Junhui staged China Derby in the first round