Sun Yue’s Return of the Great Saints scored 6 points and scored three points in the independent middle school.


Sun Yue’s “Return of the Great Saints” scored 6 points and scored three points in the independent middle school.
The 25th round of the CBA regular season kicked off tonight. The Beikong men ‘s basketball team staged a big reversal in the second half. They beat the Shanghai team 112 to 96 away. Sun Yue made 6 three-pointers and scored the second highest 25 points and 8 assists of the season., Became the key to the team’s comeback.Sun Yue was in perfect shape, scoring 25 points.In the last screenshot of the video, in the third quarter, the “power outage” lost to the Shenzhen team, and the Beijing men’s basketball team moved to Shanghai only one day later.After the opening, the Shanghai team took the lead, leading up to 17 points in the first half.The North Control team started chasing points from the second half of the second quarter and played a 9-2 tie in the middle of the third quarter.Beyond the single quarter score of 43 to 25, Beikong entered the final quarter from 8 points behind at halftime to 10 points ahead and reversed the displacement in one fell swoop.Sun Yue retreated and hit a three-pointer.Among them, Sun Yue hit key three points in two quarters, contributed 12 points and 5 assists, playing the most critical role.He not only has personal excitement, but also invigorated the team’s offense, reducing Fergu’s pressure.Under his guidance, the three foreign aid teams of Beijing Enterprises also contributed 29 points in this quarter, of which Sonny and Fogg scored 11 points in a single quarter.The Shanghai team played a wave of 9-2 in the fourth quarter to narrow the point difference to single digits. After the suspension of the North Control, Sun Yue hit a three-point stability to stabilize the military heart, and in the last 42 seconds, the outside shot succeeded again, making the game lose suspense.This is Sun Yue’s third game of the season 20+, two of which helped the team to win. It can be seen that the good state of “Dasheng” has a leading role for the whole team.Tonight’s men’s basketball team hit 6 doubles tonight, Fogg and Sonny scored 22 points and 20 points respectively.The team adjusted in time from the crash defeat. Head coach Marbury praised the players for their efforts and concentration after the game.”We didn’t have enough execution in the first half. In the second half, they were able to adjust their status in time, go to play as usual and play hard, and finally won the game.”It is worth mentioning that the team’s new team outside Moultrie made 15 points and 7 rebounds in his debut.