The Winter Solstice dip vinegar to eat dumplings, Shougang coach does not criticize the accident world


The Winter Solstice “dip vinegar to eat dumplings”, Shougang coach does not criticize the accident world
The performance of the team members made Janis like it.Beijing News On the day of the Winter Solstice, Beijing Shougang won a 15-point victory in Shanxi away.After the defeat of Zhejiang team in the last round, Jeremy Lin’s sluggish play and coach Yanis’s on-the-spot command were criticized.But after the battle tonight, Yannis thanked the players for their beautiful work, and said with confidence that they would not be evaluated on the unexpected line.Jeremy Lin’s nose was broken by his opponent in the first quarter, without affecting his feel.”Hao kid” made 4 of 5 three-pointers and handed out beautiful data of 32 + 6 + 6, which also made the fans who supported him live well.Under his leadership, Zhu Yanxi and Zhai Xiaochuan also hit nine three-pointers together.Shougang hit four consecutive three-pointers in the third quarter, and this “three-point rain” poured in Shanxi team coach Wang Fei for an emergency stop.Jeremy Lin rested at the end of the game.With a big lead, Jeremy Lin got more rest in the final quarter, and he and his teammates looked relaxed on the bench.Seeing that the general trend is gone, Franklin also punched out of work in advance, but the core foreign aid of the Shanxi team was a little depressed.In this campaign, Jeremy Lin defended Franklin. In the second half, he started the single mode, but he only got 20 points in the end.Some fans joked about this victory of Shougang: “Dipping Shanxi vinegar, I ate dumplings from the Winter Solstice.”Yannis said bluntly after the game that the victory was attributed to the players,” after a difficult defeat, the players adjusted their mentality in time and won the game.”Besides the smooth offense, Shougang’s consistent defensive tenacity is back, which makes Yanis satisfied,” I know that there have been many questions and criticisms from the outside world recently, and there are many possible evaluations, but it does not matter.proud.”