The First Floor of the World re-enters the Capital Theatre, director: changing a new person is not a patch


“The First Floor of the World” re-enters the Capital Theatre, director: changing a new person is not a patch
After 31 years of performances, a total of more than 500 performances of Beijing’s classic Beijing-style drama “The First Floor of the World” were performed again in the Capital Theatre on the evening of December 27.Stills.Photography / Li Chunguang tells the audience an intriguing story outside the first floor of the world, and also leaves countless lines of wisdom and humor. The director Gu Wei believes that this is an art, drama, and fun.Sex play.And it all benefits from the script of the gold medalist screenwriter He Jiping.Many lines have a deep meaning, with rhythm, some people ponder.”Why do you say this sentence to whom?A question mark on the script is a question?Rhetorical question?Still knowingly?This has to be pondered by the actor. Many of the lines are puns, and they have to break apart and break up to realize the deep meaning.Some lines passed by, and they couldn’t attract the audience.”Gu Wei said,” such a rare script, can not play dull.”Stills.Photography / Li Chunguang is staged every year after the classics, more and more young actors enter the crew, “Iron classics, flowing actors.”Director Gu Wei said,” there are more and more young actors in the crew. This is a big trend.In the past, there were newcomers entering the crew. First of all, they must be brought in, but now my concept has changed. Replacing newcomers is not a patch. They have to create characters themselves.”In the course of this rehearsal, director Gu Wei said that it is necessary to take care of the whole to the details, where there should be a response, where it needs to be moved, and even to what extent, it needs to be accurate.”A play that the audience looks very small, a certain kind of play to carry this is a group play, when to talk, when to give up the words, these can not be ignored.”If everyone shouted together, it would be easy to drown in the words of the actors behind.”This kind of requirement extends the rehearsal all the time, so that the audience will finally see every detail that can withstand scrutiny and the tacit cooperation of the whole group.Although “The World’s First Floor” ended with “There is no unbroken feast”, it gave the audience dozens of companions on the stage.It is reported that this round of performances will continue until January 9, 2020.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Wu Longzhen Proofreading He Yan